Increased number of alternative source of income/livelihood

This component will provide interventions to new/existing MSME's and other industries in the community.

Livelihood Technologies

Coffee Processing Technology

Is a machine composed of bean dryer, pulper machine, huller machine, coffee roaster, coffee grinder, moisture analyzer, and packaging machines. This improves the turn-over time of the processing as well as the quality of the processed beans.

Acetator Kit Technology

Is a technology designed to accelerate the traditional fermentation process of producing vinegar. It is equipped with aeration pressure gauge and regulator designed to accelerate the traditional fermentation process of producing vinegar within 1 day instead of 30-90 days, Produce naturally fermented vinegar, Easy to operate, Can be set-up in the countryside and requires minimum processing area, Can be operated on a minimum initial volume of 200 liters, Product can be drawn out daily from the acetator at a minimum rate of 20 liters.

Charcoal Briquetting Technology

Is a technology consists of briquettor mixer, dryer and a carbonizer that process and converts agro-forest wastes such as coconut shells, coconut husks, coffee bean hull and sawdust into charred powder. This charred powder and then mixed with starch and molded under pressure to form charcoal briquettes.


Technology Training

Kalabasa Products
Vegetable Processing
Fruit Juices
Coconut Food Products
Ube Processing
Jackfruit Processing
Pineapple Processing
Mango Processing
Banana Processing
Bangus Deboning
Calamansi Processing
Tomato Food Products
Acetator Vinegar
Candle Making
Vinegar Making
Meat Processing
Mushroom Technology
Fish Processing
Hair Shampoo
Salted Eggs
Essential Oils
Common Brick
Peanut Processing
Nata de Coco
Soybean Products
Smoked Fish Production
Kamias Prunes
Pickled Quail Eggs
Soy Sauce Manufacture
Virgin Coconut Oil
Portable Biogas Digester
Liquid Detergent Fabcon
Santol Processing
Fruit Wine Making
Cassava Products
Durian Mangosteen Products
Ginger Processing
Mould Making
Nata de PiƱa
Sauteed Bagoong Alamang
Bottled Dried Fish in Oil
Tamarind Fruit Prcsng
Passion Fruit Prcsng
Papaya Food Products
Fruit Juice Drink Con Prcsg
Pili Food Products
Bioreactor Technology
Water Purification
Guava Products
Activated Carbon
Garlic_Onion Prcsg
Carrageenan Prcsng
Resin Bonded
Lamayo Production
Briquetting Technology
Pastillas and Polvoron
Shrimp or Fish Kroepeck
Dried Anchovies and Squid
Wine Kit
Lambanog Prcsg
Mango Puree
Mango Leather
Muscovado Facility
Buco Juice
Cashew Processing
Kaong in Syrup

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Featured Post

As part of the 2020 National Science and Technology Celebration, the Department of Science and Technology will be conducting a CEST Forum on November 25, 2020 at 9:00AM - 11:00AM.

Community Empowerment Thru Science and Technology (CEST) is one of the banner programs of DOST which aims to deliver sustainable development to various communities nationwide through the provision of S&T interventions along the five CEST entry points, i.e. Livelihood, Health and Nutrition, Environmental Protection and conservation, Education, and Disaster Risk Reduction Management.

Part of this activity is the awarding of the 2020 BEST Community. An Award given to the CEST Community beneficiary who has excelled in the implementation of the program which will be selected from several entries nationwide.

Registration link:

Scholarship Online Application